Hub350 proudly serves as the gateway to Canada’s largest technology park. Powered by Kanata North Business Association, Hub350 is a world-leading tech centre dedicated to helping foster a vibrant ecosystem of innovation, collaboration and creativity designed to attract talent and fuel growth in this key region. At Hub350, we’re committed to creating a complete and connected living lab community for local, national and international talent to live, work, play and learn.

Hub350 will promote global growth for over 500 Kanata North member companies by co-locating corporate partners, post-secondary institutions, venture capitalists, financial institutions and government funders. We’ll help reduce red tape and accelerate success, equipping companies to attract world-class investment and talent while developing industry-leading solutions.

Hub350 offers unique, top-level partnerships with local, provincial and national champions, international companies and industry change-makers. We give corporate leaders access to a wealth of knowledge and sector expertise that pushes the boundaries of traditional tech, and our collaborative programs provide recent graduates with the tools they need to innovate, create and build towards the future.

Added to that, Hub350 has established an unparalleled network of anchor partners like Salesforce, TELUS, and RBC who bring revolutionary thinking, world-class expertise, collaboration, cohesion, and technological know-how to the table – a table built with a strong commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability. It’s an exhilarating time to be a part of the tech community in Ottawa, and it’s the right time to make Hub350 part of your journey! At Hub350, we’re making things happen. Because #SeriousTechLivesHere.

CORPORATE SPOTLIGHT – Salesforce: A force to be reckoned with

Salesforce marries tech innovation with solutions-focused design to create the world’s #1 integrated customer relations management platform (CRM). A leading Hub350 partner, Salesforce has a global community of over 150,000 experts committed to helping grow and scale your business. At Hub350, corporate partners have access to industry leaders like Salesforce, who can share insights and innovation for future-focused thinking.


Hub350 is the epicentre for the nation’s top talent — providing access to exceptional post-secondary opportunities and ensuring that the best and brightest Canadians stay where the action happens, right here in Canada’s capital region.

KNBA and Hub350 are proudly partnered with four academic anchors – uOttawa, Carleton University, Queen’s University and Algonquin College – to support and acquire top talent for our member companies.

Our academic partners provide students with access to member companies offering exceptional career opportunities through hackathons, recruitment roadshows, career fairs and more. In fact, both uOttawa and Carleton have recently opened Kanata-North campuses, supporting the vital integration of post-secondary institutions into the technology park.

Hub350 also leverages the experience and talent of long-time industry experts, up-and-coming researchers, top financial investors and corporate leaders to guide next-generation technology workers. Our network of mentors is unrivaled, allowing us to provide experiential and immersive learning opportunities that help recent graduates as they transition from school to the job market, setting them on the path to future success.

Kanata’s technology park is the place to be for graduates eager to become a part of Canada’s vibrant and growing technological ecosystem; and with the advent of virtual innovations, they can take advantage of all that Hub350 has to offer no matter their geographic location. Because #SeriousTechLivesHere.


The companies in Kanata’s technology park contribute $13B to Canada’s GDP and generate over 33,000 jobs. Added to this, the technology park’s workforce is highly educated, exceptionally skilled and sought-after by global companies. That’s because #SeriousTechLivesHere.

Canadian tech is an obvious choice for strategic financial investment. However, Ottawa-based companies need easy access to the kind of financial, VC and growth stage capital that is widely available in other jurisdictions, so that they can scale and succeed in today’s global markets from right here at home. Hub350 is here to help make that a reality.

From start-up to scale-up, Hub350 can connect companies with public and private lenders who are eager to provide not only financial support but strategic financial advice, so that companies can grow with confidence, and lenders can be a part of the journey from the ground up.

To support this approach, Hub350 will hold annual international investor summits, conduct regular thought-leadership, research and benchmark studies, and organize pitch days and quarterly investor meet ups, all with an eye to cementing long-lasting relationships that benefit everyone involved.

COPORATE SPOTLIGHT – RBC: Creating positive social impact

RBC is a key anchor partner for Hub350, leveraging their leadership and financial expertise to help build resilient economies. Part of building resilience means looking towards the future by supporting new and emerging businesses and people, right from the start. Hub350 members have exclusive access to industry leaders, like our anchor partners at RBC, who offer financial insights and share future-focused ideas designed to help generate success.

Additionally, Hub350 members will benefit from RBCx, a market-leading platform to accelerate the entrepreneurial journey at every stage of growth, offering access to capital solutions, innovative financial products and services, and operational expertise to help technology companies scale.


Hub350 is at the heartbeat of the TELUS 5G innovation zone, powering Canada’s fastest 5G network. KNBA is delighted to partner with TELUS and support their vision of building a 5G innovation zone that will help fuel and expand the entire park, because 5G is an essential step in guiding people and companies into the future.

Not only is Hub350 ideally placed to capture emerging 5G breakthroughs in a variety of industries, but it also has a lock on research and innovation via its unparalleled relationships with leading academic institutions like uOttawa, Carleton University and Queen’s University.

From autonomous vehicles to the future of work, Hub350 is employing 5G to help make things happen.

COPORATE SPOTLIGHT – TELUS: The Future is Friendly

TELUS is a dynamic, world-leading communications and information technology company with $16 billion in annual revenue and 15.2 million customer connections spanning wireless, data, IP, voice, television, entertainment, video and security, healthcare and agriculture. Building on Canada’s fastest mobile network, TELUS’ award-winning 5G network will power Canada’s economy, making our lives easier, safer and healthier through increased speeds, reliability and capacity.


Hub350 will be a gateway to growth, finance, talent and success – building a powerfully networked community of people and businesses that are invested in their companies, in each other and in the region.

Our community pillar encourages collaboration and support, because we know that we’re better and stronger when we work together. We’ll be working with a number of community organizations dedicated to improving lives – the lives of our Hub350 members and their families, and the lives of others in the area who are touched by the innovation and technology that emerges from Kanata North. Our goal at Hub350 is to become a town hall for our community – a place where ideas are welcomed, possibilities are imagined and solutions are brought to life.

COPORATE SPOTLIGHT – The Senators Community Foundation

The Senators Community Foundation is built on three pillars: mind, body, and soul. The Foundation places a special focus on programs which benefit children and youth while also addressing issues of accessibility and inclusion, applying a team mentality that relies on key partnerships within the community.